Rough Linen Textile

fabric for Tablecloth, linen Curtains Made in Italy

italian rough linen textile white green blue for tablecloth curtains fabrics

High Quality Collection in linen

PURE LINEN – Best Italian  Flax Fabric Top Quality For Sale

At the touch, soft but strong and with a solid structure. 100% pure linen of great value and tight weave quality with a visible, luminous, full-bodied and pleasant to the touch mesh structure.  #9 Tempera colors available.

Marini & Gerardi Made in Italy:

Linen Fabrics

Production and distribution of fabrics and curtains in specialized shops. Linen Curtains – Linen Tablecloths – Linen sheets – 100% Italian Pure Linen fabrics.
Interior Designer Made in Salento Apulia Italy